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Finland in the Eye of the Storm. Erkki Hautamäki’s book

Finnish author Erkki Hautamäki was a councillor of education and a reservist in the Finnish army, holding the rank of Major. Hautamäki has completed a lengthy process and fulfilled a historical task in his book “Finland in the Eye of the Storm”, which Marshall Mannerheim and his trusted aid Vilho Tahvanainen left for future generations. Driven by a need to bring out the historical truth for the Baltic Youth. This book is dedicated to Vilho Tahvanainen, an unrelenting patriot and aid to Field Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim.

„Justice of the winners of the World War II was dished out at the Nurnberg trials. Not in the sense that the accusations were wrong or falsified but in the sense that the accused were not given the chance to defend themselves against false and weak accusations. The same holds true for allied actions during the war. Some of the war crimes committed by the allies were e.g. the mass murder of Polish officers by the Russians in Katyn in the spring of 1940, the horrifying terror bombings of Hamburg and Dresden by England and US in February of 1945 and the cruelty towards German POW’s by the Americans and Russians. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in September of 1945 remains one of the worst acts of genocide to date. It then came to light that the truth of the victor had on many accounts been established by forgery, hiding documents, suppressing evidence and even lies. For over half a century we have knowingly been brainwashed into linking all the evil in the world to Hitler and the German people. The holocaust, which is continuously in the press, literature, the theatre, film, music, the radio and television has coloured our judgement as to the actual causes of the Second World War and those guilty. Larger nations displayed a ruthless disdain towards smaller nations and their right to remain neutral. In its entirety are revealed the secret agreements, political intrigue, deception and an inconceivable chain of events that led to the beginning of the Second World War and finally its end. Even Finland, a small northern republic and democracy was unwittingly drawn to this war frenzy of the lager nations. Finland was however fortunate in those years of turmoil to have as its military and political leader a figure of great foresight and determination in the form of field Marshall Mannerheim. He had a broad experience spanning many years in international politics and a network of contacts on to which Finland was able to build the military and political alliances that saved the country. During the Winter War, having received details of a secret agreement between the Western Powers and the Soviet Union to destroy Germany, Mannerheim, along with Finland’s political leaders made crucial decisions that saved the nation and possibly all the Nordic countries from becoming one large battleground. From 1932 onwards, Mannerheim kept original documents consisting of , for example, secret reports, letters, personal notes, into a file code named ”S-32”. Political reasons stopped Mannerheim from using this file as evidence after the war. I have used secret documents, which victor nations have suppressed for 50 years, in Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim’s file ”S-32” as the basis of my research. This material can finally shed some light on the historical truth that was not published along with Mannerheim’s memoirs. I have strived to merge the dramatic content in file S-32 with other source material and to display it in chronological order to give a clear account of political and military development in Europe. We can thus follow a logical chain of historical events, which lead us on from the First World War. We will come to realise – as the Marshall used to say- that matters which were put forward to him were often so complex, unclear and even unbelievable that he had to pause to get a sense of what was actually meant. The same patience is asked of the reader. With this book I hope to prove, particularly to my Finnish countrymen along with readers from other countries that our wartime leaders were not guilty of the crimes they were blamed for or the wars Finland was dragged into between 1939-1945. Conflict was inevitable in order for us to remain independent. The crimes for which our leaders were accused and tried for were a direct result of demands from the victor nations, especially the Soviet Union. Was the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Germany on 23.8.1939 just a tactical ploy to win time? Was allied aid to Finland in 1939-40 just a ruse to invade Norway and Sweden whilst giving the Soviet Union an opportunity to invade Finland and the Baltic States, creating a northern front against Germany?”- says Hautamäki.
 Erkki Hautamäki, who holds the rank of Major in the Finnish army, has at his disposal the secret files of Vilho Tahvanainen, an undercover courier and trusted aid to Marshall Mannerheim. The Tahvanainen files consist of copies of Mannerheim’s secret (S-32) files covering the years 1932-50 duplicated with the authority of the Marshall himself. The author of this book has had a unique opportunity to compare and contrast documents and files from different countries and get an idea of the behind the scenes politics of the larger nations during WW2.
“Churchill and Stalin negotiated the starting of co-operation in a war of many fronts against Germany since April 1939. In July it was agreed that when Germany and the Soviet Union attack Poland, the declaration of war of the western allies would be focused only against German actions. On the 23rd of August 1939 Stalin and Hitler signed the so called Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. Its secret extra protocol included the so-called concept of the sphere of interest that did not mean permission to conquer the Baltic states and Finland. It meant instead the right to demand strategic bases in case of war. On the 15th of October 1939 an agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill (the allied forces). The core of it was the plan to destroy Germany both militarily and economically. Churchill’s old plan regarding the Scandinavian operation was also accepted.
The winter war of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of western allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin an edict that Stalin shall cease the acts of war against Finland, or Germany will bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland unbidden. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this edict and copies of the plan of the western allies and Stalin concerning Finland. The winter war of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of western allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin an edict that Stalin shall cease the acts of war against Finland, or Germany will bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland unbidden. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this edict and copies of the plan of the western allies and Stalin concerning Finland. If this would have happened, the allied forces would have conquered Norway and Sweden in the name of Finnish aid. Simultaneously the Soviet Union would have conquered Finland. Finland would have drawn into war and Scandinavia would have been a front against Germany. Churchill and the allied forces thus sold Finland to the Russians. Stalin played simultaneously an ally of Germany and the western allies. His goal was to get the western allies and Germany to wear themselves down in their fighting against each other. After this he would conquer a weakened Europe. Stalin purchased first the newest mechanical weaponry from Germany. After it he obtained from the USA an immense amount of war material against Germany (and Finland) as Lend-lease aid. No final account of these possessions has yet been made. The unconditional denial of passage for allied forces through Sweden partially saved Finland. The agreement of Churchill and Stalin allowed the conquering of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. A section was added that the conquered areas should be given their independence back after peace had come. When the general courier of Stalin was transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill, the air force of Germany compelled the airplane to land on 9 Feb. 1940. During the examination of the air crew and the passengers, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the attack plans on several fronts of the allied forces. He thus started a preventive attack plan in Norway. Stalin did not know that the plans had been revealed. The Marshal’s so called scabbard order of the day on 9 July 1941 was born after Hitler’s edict to unambiguously express the goals of Finnish warfare, or otherwise Germany starts taking Finland under its government. Marshal Mannerheim was before the continuation war compelled to accept Stalin’s demands that were secretly introduced to him: Finland shall not advance to Leningrad or over Lake Syväri and shall not disturb the railroad leading from Sorkka.
In March 1940 Sumner Welles visited Italy, Germany, France and England. The persons he met said openly that they were compelled to war, no peace propositions are accepted. Similar orders were also given to Poland. Germany was driven into a compulsory situation. The terms of World War I were already shocking”- writes Hautamäki.

Now we know Comrade Stalin planned an attack operation (Thunder) against Germany on 6 July 1941. To execute this Plans Russia had entered into Two Treaties: the first on 23 august 1939(The Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact) with Germany and the second one on 15 October 1939 - The Stalin - Churchill Pact (with England) which was more favourable.

We are asking what would it have happened if the Scandinavia plan of the allies would have come true?

- Nothing would have been left of Finland. It would have been a total collapse. According to the Marshal’s opinion the occupation of Denmark and Norway made by Germany – as regrettable as these phenomena locally were – saved partially Finland. Sweden saved Finland by denying the passage.

- It is not right to blame Swedes, for they saw the overall situation. King Gustaf  V received personally the assurance from Hitler that Germany has no claims, if Sweden stays neutral and delivers ore as before. The King also got knowledge of the plans of the allies.

“History has to change. The truth will appear undisputedly”, affirms Erkki Hautamäki, the writer of this very interesting book.

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  1. H/T CY. Loverly stuff. Thanks for putting this out here before the curtain descends for the final time.

    It must have really annoyed the powers that be that Finland didn't get obliterated after 1944. Only the Mid-West flyboys that were now inveigled into the wrong fiction saved Western Europe for the best part of a century. Just think, if the London plan had been successful there would have been no need for Elvis.

  2. I have been waiting for the even more intresting follow up book, that describes events after 1941.
    Anybody who knows if the next book is comming?

  3. Excerpts from the upcoming book "Finland in the eye of the storm, Part II"


    Mannerheim to Finland's president: "Finland is forced to make a choice. All we can do is let our army battle forward to those goals, which Churchill said he has agreed upon with Stalin. Stalin and Churchill will give us further orders by telephone, letter or some other way."

    Tahvanainen kept all telegrams between Churchill, Stalin and Mannerheim - which were all officially signed and confirmed by Stalin.

    This communication took place from February to June 1941. Kreml and London worked closely, and they issued orders to Mannerheim and president Ryti. Churchill's and Stalin's co-work had started 15. October in 1939 - secret memo.

    Mannerheim used to say, that Stalin and Churchill were the architects and contractors of World War Two.

    The book, which is being edited at the moment, and which contains all secret photocopies of absolutely secret documents, maps, letters etc., which Mannerheim's secret aide copied, before handing over Mannerheim's Secret Files to Stalin, explains in detail how WW2 was created, developed and planned by Churchill, Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt, Daladier/Reynaud etc., and also about their hidden motives.

    Smaller nations have always been pawns in the 'great' leaders' games. Poland, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Baltic countires, Norway etc. - and Finland, who was forced in the eye of the storm.

    It was impossible for a small nation to stay neutral and peaceful - it was not allowed!

    1939 Finland's minister to Stalin; "We Finns only want to stay in peace and outside all conflicts."

    Stalin: "I understand that, but I can assure you it is impossible - the great powers will not allow it."

    Roosevelt, Morgenthau & co., the White House created a 'think-tank' regarding intervention in Europe's war 1934-1941.

  4. Roosevelt wrote to Stalin 20.2.1943, that the White House gives it's absolute acceptance to how the world will be organized after the war;

    – France will have to pay for it's weaknesses and rot in it's nothingness. Britain's superiority will be acknowledged in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece.

    – Soviet Union will be connected to the Mediterranian through Yugoslavia and Albania. All Stalin's wishes will be fulfilled in the Baltic countries, Finland, and in the ”unenlightened” countries in Balkan and Easter Europe. Poland will be guided to the road of concessions.

    – United States will also participate in the ”right of Conquest” as defined.

    Cardinal Francis Spellman, the highest in the Catholic Church, discussed with Roosevelt 3.9.1943 and heard about all upcoming 'peace plans' in the whole world:

    The world will be divided between US, China, UK and Soviet Union. China gets the far east, US the regions in the Pacific, UK and Soviet Union get either Europe or Africa. Roosevelt anticipated, that Soviet Union would rule over Europe. "The European nations have to endure the Russian dominance and they will learn in 10-20 years how to live together with the Russians."

    Germany will be divided into several separate nations. It will never be allowed to have any kind of central management and no peace treaties will ever be signed with Germany.

    Teheran 28.11.–1.12.1943: Roosevelt confirmed Stalin's position as the ruler of Europe. Churchill stated:

    1. Great Britain Empire will be maintained - by all means necessary.

    2. Destruction of Germany, because it has become too strong.

    3. Hitler and Nazism can only be defeated by an alliance with Soviet Union. Small nations and their independence is a trivial matter, should Stalin make demands on them.

    4. United States has promised to intervene with airstrikes.

    F. Frankfurter, Roosevelt's aide, brings a promise of US participating to Churchill in July 1939.

    Churchill to Sumner Welles 11.3.1939:

    ”The only solution to the Europe's crisis is the utter defeat of Germany and destruction of nationalism. Versailles has to admit it's mistake! Nobody believed Germany would ever rise after WW1. "

    Germany avoided the Red Threat in 1933, when it 'forbid' communists from voting in the parliament.

    The victorious nations in WW2 have written their own war history, which they own, rule, modify, falsify etc. through the worldwide media, that forcefully bangs it in people's minds, hiding the real war history. It goes on even to this day.

  5. 9. December 1944, Roosevelt's signed and secret memo to Morgenthau:

    ”After WW1 Germany developed quickly, with the intention of removing UK and US from markets. Japan aimed to do the same. We tried to deal with this situation by lowering wages, shortening workhours (with the same wage) and odd jobs. Yet we couldn't beat Germany on the markets. Unemployement was rising because of this."

    ”After we win we have to grab Japan and Germany, limit their industrial production and this way prevent them from becoming our competitors on all markets. This will lead to our busniess industries growing, increasing victories and wealth of our finance sector. The additional growth will be very big.

    Roosevelt's letter was dated 9.12.1944! The victory of WW2 was already clear to the Allied. Now they discuss about post-war Germany's destiny - United States, Britain and Soviet Union. France has been demoted to the role of an 'errand boy'.

    These same nations dictated the insane executional paragraphs in Versaille 26.6.1919, opening the road for Hitler's rise to power.

    United States dominates the principles, how the Western powers have to regard the German question when it capitulates.

    The time has arrived, when the Elite dictates it's final dictations to nations in warfare.

    Another example: Quebec Conference 10.–16. September 1944.

    F.D Roosevelt and Churchill discuss about how to deal with Germany after winning the war. Organizer and presenter was Finance Minister Hengry Morgenthau jr. - Roosevelt's right hand...

    Extremely secret Quebec 15. September 1944 I/620–621.

  6. Roosevelt (F.D.R.) and Churchill (W.C.) discuss how to jointly act in order to disarm Germany. The most important areas would be the industrial areas in Ruhr and Saar.

    After Germany has destroyed several Russian and other allies' industrial factories, it is only right and acceptable to get compensation for our losses by demanding useful machinery. This machinery has to definitely be removed from Ruhr and Saar.

    Both areas have to be subjugated to an organisation, that we run, and turn Germany into a country primarily agricultural and pastoral in its character. OK.195 F.D.R. (Franklin D. Roosevelt) W.C. (W. Churchill).

    Henry Morgentahau probably wrote the document, which was signed by Roosevelt and Churchill.

    Hundreds and hundreds of trains transported all kind of material, even whole factories, to Soviet Union and France.

    Morgenthau told later on, that his Finance Ministry and assistants started to plan how to treat Germany after the war already year 1943.

    "The Morgenthau-plan” (=Destroying Germany for good) and how to carry it out in practice and a detailed Implementation Guiden was his most important document and his biggest achievement. (Direktive ICS 1067).

    U.S. President Truman was sort of forced to give Stalin the regional and pollitical concessions, that Roosevelt and Churchill had promised him, however Truman did not accept Morgenthau's plan (book) and refused to release it to the press as a whole.

    Morgenthau jr. claimed, that Roosevelt accepted it on his death bed.

    The Morgenthau-plan was an Implementation Guide for the Western allies on their occupied areas. D. Eisenhower supervised it. The Guide was cruel and inhuman.

    Churchill: Employers and member of the Party, all Wehrmacht-officers, SS-soldiers, personnel in concentration camps, members of Gestapo and Volkssturm (Police) and all other war criminals "have to be executed immediately after capturing them and without formalities".

    Roosevelt: ”Special professionals from scientific faculties and representants of war economy and war industry have to be arrested, isolated and removed "for our use". US-Army's task will not be to take care of millions of starving and dying war prisoners, nor to take care of feeding civilians who are starving to death in cellars. Let all Germans feel the pain of losing a war.

    Eisenhower: ”It’s a pity we couldn't kill more”


  7. Thank you very much for this good information!
    Do you know if it is Hautamäki himself who has finally got this book 2 finnished?

    Best regards!


    1. It is Hautamäki himself, he is in possession of all the copied documents.

      Many Finns wait eagerly for the second book.

      As for Hitler's secret documents:

      The last plane that took off from Berlin, carried Hitler's secret archive. The Americans shot it down in Bayer. Everything was destroyed.

      They say Hitler went pale when hearing about it and said: "That was my last chance to prove what really happened, now the victors will tell the opposite".

      In the Paris Peace Accord, Finns were forbidden to present any information from S-32, because it would have showed the real criminals, Soviet Union, Britain, France and United States.

      In 1985, Britain's Chief Prosecutor gave a statement:

      "We blamed Germany, who was innocent. Now we are going to face the threat of an absurd communistic and bolshevist Europe, which we may not even be able to control. We turned down all Hitler's desperate appeals for peace. All nine of them BTW. "

      Hitler gave copies of the documents to Mannerheim, to ensure Finland doesn't fall in the trap and asks for foreign troops.

      Mannerheim had Russian friends in high places, right next to Stalin. Vilho Tahvanainen, his secret agent, received and delivered secret messages from them. In Lithuania and Estonia, already occupied.

      Mannerheim's dear friends informed him right away about the pact 15.10.1939 - they were in direct contact with Stalin. Codename "Irina" was a chief commander in the Red Army.

    2. When the Allied promised troops to Finland, Hitler disclosed all the documents to Mannerheim via Finland's secret agent "B", who was stationed in Sweden, urging Finland to make peace at any cost.

      Sweden saved Finland by strictly forbidding passage to British and French troops. Sweden's king also has copies of these documents.

      When Mannerheim received Hitler's letter in March 1940, he ordered his agent to contact Sweden's PM Hansson and tell him of the documents.

      Mannerheim ordered the Finnish government NOT to accept the Western aid and to immediately start peace negotiations in Moscow.

      The Allied made their last minute desperate attempt, repeated their offer and extended the date in a radio broadcasting - but Finland's government decided to sign the peace treaty in March 1940.

      Mannerheim even sent a telegram to the Finnish delegation in Moscow, where he warned them NOT to believe in the Western aid and urged them to sign the treaty a.s.a.p.

      The agent returns from Sweden with a letter from Sweden's Prime Minister Hansson:

      "Thank you Marshal Mannerheim, for your foresight and for understanding the serious international situation. I have been warned of the same matter by a good friend, Britain's Prime Minister Sir Neville Chamberlain, who is suffering a defeat, due to his opinions and strivings for peace. He will soon be forced to resign, due to Churchill's anti-German opposition. I assure you that we will maintain our neutrality, my good friend, Norway's Prime Minister, has promised to do the same. Regards, Hansson"


      "I had my suspicions when the Winter War broke out, when Sweden's PM Hansson informed me, that we would not get any help from the Western nations, despite their promises. Hansson has been aware of the deceitful power politics. He infomed me of this a couple of times in his own wise manner."

      Hitler was right, when he thought that the Russian aide would not dare to tell Stalin about the German authorities checking all the luggage. He would be executed, so he didn't say a thing to Stalin.

      It was Hitler who threatened Stalin to bomb the Soviet troops in Finland, if he didn't stop the warfare immediately. Stalin was about to win the Winter War, when he suddenly wanted to make peace. Hitler had occupied Norway and Denmark, hence preventing the Allied's Scandinavian operation. If the Allied had known, that their secret was revealed, they would have occupied Scandinavia by force.

      And everybody seems to have forgotten, that the Anti-German propaganda started in 1914, not when Hitler came to power.

      Sorry for getting carried away and ranting too much.

      I'm waiting for the Russians and the Westeners pointing fingers at each other for killing the Germans ;)

  8. Interesting timeline from the book: "Finland in the eye of the storm"

    Paris Peace Accord after WW1: The 'new' Europe was molded, with both Germany and Soviet Union suffering national wrongdoings. Hitler's Foreign Policy was aimed at correcting them.

    1921: Poland's dictator Pilsudski had stolen Western Ukraine and parts of Belarus from a weak Soviet Union. When he died in 1935, Stalin immediately contacted Hitler suggesting negotiations for an alliance against the British-French world power, that still pressured Germany with contract paragraphs and tried to prevent the cooperation between Germany and Soviet Union (which had for long been both secretive and wide - even militarily).

    Stalin's aide contacted Hitler and demanded all negotiations to be kept secret. Germany was going to be liberated from the Peace Accord's enforced contract paragraphs. Soviet Union was going to support the liberation - provided they would find mutual understanding about other matters.

    The other matters would be Germany's and Poland's non-aggression pact from year 1934, Soviet Union's and Poland's border, Soviet Union's interests in Europe and the cooperation between Germany and Soviet Union.

    At first Hitler was suspicious, because Fance and Britain negotiated with Stalin about creating a political-military front to surround Germany. But he agreed in the end, because Stalin promised to support Germany to become free from the Peace Accord's enforced paragraphs..

    They negotiated on three occasions:

    Novermber 1935: in a private wagon near Novgorod

    December 1935: in Prague

    January-February 1936: in Moscow

    Hitler's aide and interpreter, who was part of the delegation - told Mannerheim's secret agent Vilho Tahvanainen about war-related matters, who wrote down over 100 pages.

    February 1936: the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed in Berlin;

    - Poland was to be divided
    - Eastern Poland to Soviet Union and the rest to Germany.
    - Germany's and Poland's non-aggression pact to be terminated.
    - Czechoslovakia in Germany's sphere of interest.
    - Germany supports Soviet Union's demand to create military bases in the Baltic countries.
    - Stalin wanted Scandinavia, Finland and Eastern Karelia to remain a "white zone".
    - The Versailles Peace Treaty to be nullified.
    - Soviet Union will support Germany, when it breaks free from the treaty's obligations.
    - Soviet Union accepts general conscription and building a defence force in Germany.
    - Soviet Union supports Germany, when it re-connects stolen German areas to Germany.
    - Soviet Union promises, that their non-aggression pact with Czechoslovakia is not an obstacle, when Germany occupies Czechoslovakia's German areas.

  9. First Hitler ended the demilitarisation. France and Belgium demanded military actions against Germany.

    Hitler proposed a peace commission. France, Belgium and Britain refused.

    Churchill's conservatives attacked Britain's soft foreign policy. They demanded war against Germany and Hitler.

    Hitler's only aim was to get back the stolen areas - if possible by negotiations - Versaille's Peace Treaty robbed from it.

    March 1938: Germany re-connects Austria peacefully. The Versaille Peace Treaty forbids this kind of action. However the referendum in Austria was a crushing victory for Hitler.

    Churchill is determined, that Hitler and Germany have to be stopped. He realized, that the only way to stop Germany is to get Stalin in the Anti-Germany British-French alliance.

    1936: Churchill proposes a military alliance with Britain, Fraince and Soviet Union, to defeat Germany. However Stalin has a pact with Germany from 1936.

    Stalin proposes an international conference regarding the matter. Britain and France informed, that they don't accept referendums in German-populated areas, because then Germany could legally nullify Versaille's orders.

    The Sudeten Germans had suffered horrible persecution and terror in Czechoslovakia.

  10. In 1938: Germany started negotiations to give the Sudeten Germans a tolerable autonomy. The Sudeten Germans strongly demanded to be connected to Germany. Churchill and the France intervened in the negotiations. Hitler threatened with military actions.

    Brtitain's PM Chamberlain and Foreign Minister Halifax try to reach a peaceful solution. They, together with their French colleagues Daladier and Bonnet, propose a peaceful solution to Czechoslovakia's governement.

    21. September 1938: President Benesh is willing to accept the proposal, the same proposal Hitler had presented earlier.

    23. September 1938: Czechoslovakia declares a general mobilization! Churchill was fighting all mediations through the opposition. His life mission was to destroy Hitler and Germany. His goal would be endangered if Benesh would accept the proposal.

    20. September 1938: Churchill travelled to Paris, where he demanded the French opposition (Mandel, Reynaud) to pressure Benesh into not accepting the proposal.

    Mandel informed Benesh, that if Germany attacks then Britain, France and Soviet Union will come to help Czechoslovakia. Benesh gives in and orders mobilization. France ordered a partly mobilization, Mussolini mobilized Italy's navy and part of the ground forces. Poland, Belgium and Hungary raised preparedness. Europe was geared up and Benesh was in ecstacy.

    Yet Soviet Union was silent, because of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact from 1936.

    Hitler saw this as a provocation and he presented new demands: He was going to occupy the Sudetan areas 1.October 1938 and referendums would be held in a much larger area than earlier.

    Chamberlain approves Hitler's proposal and wants Britain's and France's governments tp approve it. Benesh rejects Hitler's memorandum. Churchill's actions have succeeded. The British and French governments reject Hitler's proposal to Benesh..

    Then France and Britain end up continuing negotiations with Hitler. Churchill protests strongly to Chamberlain's willingness to negotiate. He declares his dream: A military alliance with Britain, Fraince and Soviet Union a.s.a.p.

    France and Britain contact Hitler (through Horace Wilson) to stop his demands. Otherwise both nations will fulfill their obligations to Czechoslovakia. Britain and France are prepared to attack Germany!

    Hitler finds out, that the Czeks reject any peace negotioations.

    Hitler gives his ultimatum to a delegation from Czechoslovakia .- 28.9.1938 - to either accept or reject his proposal.

    Chamberlain guarantees, that the contract will be accepted in Prague.

    Wilson tells Hitler, that if he takes up arms, then Britain and France will fight beside Czechoslovakia against Germany Hitler replies, that he has taken it in consideration - he has the secret non-aggression pact with Soviet Union.

    Benesh informs, that he will not bend, trusting that France and Britain will come to his aid. A major was is close to breaking out.

  11. 27. September1938: Chamberlain informs in a radio-broadcast, that Britain will not fight beside Czechoslovakia.

    Still Benesh trusts the agitation message from Churchill and Reynaud, delivered by Mandel. A passionate rebelliousness against Chamberlain and Halifax - fuelled by Churchill - is spreading in Britain.

    Hitler thanks Chamberlain for saving the peace in Europe. Mussolini becomes Hitler's mediator. Hitler agrees to postpone Germany's mobilization and negotiate. He calls Chamberlain and Daladier to a meeting in München 27.9. – 28.9.1938.

    Benesh did not know, that Stalin had terminated the non-aggression pact with Czechoslovakia or that Stalin had given Hitler free hands in Czechoslovakia.

    Now Stalin had to "save his face" for strategic reasons, so he warns Germany not to take up arms against Czechoslovakia. But Hitler does not accept it.

    Hitler informs Stalin, that he is willing to give up the contract from 1936 and skip Poland. If Stalin should try to change Poland's borders, then Germany would fight with Poland against Soviet Union.
    Stalin didn't want to abandon the Polish plan under any circumstances.

    Stalin replied to Britain and France, that he demands them to act in such a manner, that Czechoslovakia doesn't resist Hitler's demands. This was approved in the München-meeting (Germany, Italy, France and Britain - without Czechoslovakia being present).

    Result: Poland immediately occupied the Chechen-area in Czechoslovakia, Hungary occupied Ruten and Germany occupied the Sudeten areas.

    15. March 1939: Germany marches to Bohemia and Moravia, installing a protectorate.

    France informs, that it doesn't approve Hitler's actions in Bohemia and Moravia. Prime Minister Bonnet contacts Soviet Union; now would be the perfect moment to form a joint front against Hitler.

    The West is going overdrive with the Anti-Hitler propaganda.

  12. 1937-1938: Churchill works tirelessly to create a military alliance around Germany to destroy it. Roosevelt supports him.

    Roosevelt and Churchill lead the nations to mankind's most destructive war.

    Churchill in 1919: "If Germany is able to trade during the next 50 years, then we fought WW1 for nothing."

    Churchill in 1934: "If Germany becomes too strong, it has to be smashed again, this time for good!"

    Churchill in 1936: "My three main themes are: We have to resist every potential conqueror of the world. Germany and it's Nazi-government is exactly one of this kind….”.

    Churchill in 1938: "A French-British-Russian military alliance is our only hope of stopping Nazism."

    In 1936: Negotiations with Poland starts. Hitler proposes border alterations. France and Britain immediately forbid Poland to have any negotiations with Hitler. Poland refuses all negotiations with Hitler.

    In 1936 and 1937: Hitler realizes, that it is impossible to re-connect German areas peacefully.

    1. October 1938: Stalin initiates negotiations with Germany in Moscow.

    2.October 1938: An executive plan concerning dividing Poland is made.

    Germany and Soviet Union will present their own demands to Poland by 20. October 1938, independently.

    Germany contacted Poland, Soviet Union didn't, not even after the ultimatum. Ribbentrop asks Moscow why, and gets evasive answers. Due to Soviet Union's procrastination, Poland's only threat was Germany's demands (Poland was unaware of Soviet Union's participation).

    Poland's Foreign Minister Beck contacts immediately France and Britain to get support against Germany. Both advice Poland to reject all German initiations for negotiations. Poland agrees.

    A week later, British and French delegations show up in Moscow. Hitler finds out about this and sees, that Britain and France try to severe German-Russian relations. Soviet Union hadn't acted against Poland by the end of November, which Germany finds bizarre.

    Stalin harrasses the Baltic countries, Finland and Turkey through his diplomats. Hitler decides to put the Polish question to rest.

    January 1939: Stalin wants to discuss with Germany in Moscow, because of rumours that Germany is going to attack Soviet Union. Hitler is in rage and says "Stalin can come himself to Berlin and discuss about the attacking plans he made up himself". Hitler calls Soviet Union on it's "excuses" and "lies" regarding Ukraine and Poland.

    Stalin's negotiators show up in Berlin. Soviet Union wants a clear non-aggression pact with Germany. Soviet Union also proposed, that Finland and the Baltic countries would be put in Soviet Union's sphere of interest.

    Hitler wasn't going to discuss this, because Soviet Union hadn't started any negotiations with Poland, he wants to stick to the contract from 1936 and returrn the Memel-area and get "free hands" regarding Bohemia and Movaria.

    Movaria; because Soviet Union had moved troops to Poland's and Czechoslovakia's borders without telling why. Soviet Union informs, that the British and French delegations had been in Moscow asking Soviet Union to protect Czechoslovakia and Poland if Germany attacks. The delegations also asked permission to bring their troops to Bohemia and Poland, hence "potecting" the Baltic Sea. Soviet Union had placed own troops to the Polish and Czechoslovakian borders, to prevent British-French landing troops from executing their Baltic Sea -plan.

  13. Hitler stands firm. In the end they both stick to the contract from 1936. The Polish question is solved by both attacking at the same time.

    During Versailles peace negotiations, Poland was fiercly promoting it's own intresses -> WW1 allies gave Poland huge German areas (3,5 million Germans). Germany lost it's "Polish passage"; Danzig and Posen. Areas from Upper Sliilesia were annexed to Poland.

    23. March 1939: Germany occupies Memel - according to the contract in 1936 - and offers to negotiate with Poland about regional matters.

    31. March 1939: After Poland's Prime Minister asks again for protection from Britain and France, they declare a one-sided guarantee to protect the integrity of Poland's borders. The decision had already been made 26. March in the House of Commons.

    It was the countdown for Chamberlain. Churchill was achieving his goal; to create a wide warfront against Germany.

    Poland becomes greedy. It has guarantees now. It rejects Germany's every single proposal to negotioate.

    Ribbentrop asks Poland's Foreign Minister Beck, if Soviet Union has contacted him regarding border alterations. Beck shows Ribbentrop the door and orders him to go and ask Stalin.

    3. April 1939, the next day: Ribbentrop flies to Moscow and wants to discuss the Polish question with Stalin. Poland, with Beck's initiative, declares a partial mobilization.

    Ribbentrop negotiates the next two days in Moscow. Soviet Union and Germany decided to attack Poland at the same time and divide it. Stalin proposes it should happen in May-June 1939. Preparations start immediately.

    Soviet Union's behavior regarding the Polish question gets more and more bizarre. Germans are uncertain of Stalin. The whole Poland question becomes less significant. Germany's initial intention was to trade for Danzig, without touching Poland's areas.

    When Poland's dictator Pilsduski passed away in 1935, the Polish-German relations were already restrained when Germany proposed negotiations. With Britain and France putting pressure on Poland, the atmosphere was so cold in 1936, that Germany agreed to Stalin's suggestion of dividing Poland; provided Germany supports Stalin's efforts to get back all those areas, that the Versailles peace treaty took from Soviet Union.

  14. Britain and France knew within a week the outcome of their meeting in Moscow.

    14. April 1939: British and French negotiators arrive in Moscow.

    They proposed a military alliance between Britain, France and Soviet Union. Their contract-countries would commit to help out, if Germany attacked Poland or Rumania.

    16. April 1939: Stalin replies, that Soviet Union is not willing to cooperate, unless they agree upon certain concessions;

    1. Guarantee that all Soviet Union's neighboring coutries are contract-countries, particularly Finland and the Baltic countries.

    2. Britain and France adds one condition regarding Poland - only Germany's attack is considered an attack, not Soviet Union's attack.

    Britain and France wanted to think about it, which did not sit well with Stalin. He had already agreed to simultaneously attack Poland in May-June with Germany

    A few days later, German diplomats informed Hitler about a secret document from the British-French-Russian meeting. It was obvious, that Stalin played his own two-faced politics.

    Hitler tried again to negotiate with Poland, but Poland refused. Instead Poland started to stage more and more provocations (shooting incidents, firing at airplanes and cars etc.)

    The worldwide Anti-German media campaign intensified (it had started right after WW1). Now the media warned all small European countries about the German threat.

    28. April 1939: Hitler offered a non-aggression pact to all small European countries. Only Denmark took Germany's offer.

    In the end of April 1939: Stalin informs Hitler, that he is ready to solve the Polish question.

    Soviet Union's proposal (a German diplomat told Mannerheim): Poland will be divided in August-September, 1st September at the latest, in a joint and simultaneous attack. Red Army will continue from there, occupying the Baltic countries and Finland.

    Hitler agreed to Stalin's proposal, Soviet Union is allowed to put military bases in the Baltic countries, but not in Finland or Scandinavia, because it would create a major conlfict. Finland and Scandinavia would remain a "white zone", according to the contract in 1936.

    In summer 1939: Nnegotiations between Britain, France and Soviet Union continued. Britain and France accepted Stalin's proposal, the British-French aid would only apply to Germany's attack.

  15. 12. June 1939: Molotov adds more demands: Aid would be given to all European countries, even Finland and the Baltic countries, provided they resist Germany! Britain and France approved Stalin's demand.

    End of June 1939: Molotov presents yet another demand; The aid given need not be Germany's direct military attack, an indirect attack would also do. Molotov explained, that an 'indirect attack' means a friendlier foreign politicy towards Germany. Britain and France accept.

    In practice all small European countries are now subjected to the trio's - UK, France and U.S.S.R - arbitrariness. The contract is signed in Mid-July 1939.

    Stalin orders an attack-plan for occupying Finland.

    11. August 1939: Negotiations about military details are held in Moscow.

    July-August 1939: Roosevelt's Jewish aide Felix Frankfurter visits Churchill for negotiations (documents are classified to this day). Frankfurter brings the message, that United States will participate in the war against Germany.

    Summer 1939: Churchill and Stalin make a secret framework-agreement in Crimea - prior to the actual contract signed 15. October 1939.

    23. August 1939: Soviet Union and Germany sign a non-aggression pact (the "Molotov-Ribbentrop-pact"). Hitler is assured, that the pact prevenst a war on two fronts. Which is what Stalin and the Western allies anticipated. Now Germany is certainly going to attack Poland to take back the areas Germany lost in the Versailles Peace Treaty.

    Britain, France and Soviet Union have a negotiated war plan how to defeat Germany.

    Hitler believed, that Poland would collapse when being attacked from two sides. Hitler already had a proposal to Poland about swapping areas. He presented these peace offerings on 6. October 1939 to the Western powers.

    The trap was set, would Hitler walk into it?

    Poland had guarantees, France and Britain - maybe even Soviet Union - would come and help them,at least that's what the Poles were thinking.

  16. Poland didn't know, that the Western powers were not going to provide any military aid to them. Britain evaluated, that Poland would be able to fight Germany for max. 60 days.

    Roosevelt was in contact with Churchill and he became assured, that United States have to participate in the war. That again assured Churchill, so he rejected all Hitler's - nine - peace offerings. At the same time Roosevelt was backing Stalin.

    Stalin was waiting for Hitler to attack Poland, which would launch the trap, and France and Britain would declare war against Germany. "The capitalistic nations" would wear themself out, giving Stalin a perfect opportunity. A major war would break out and Stalin would first move Poland's border closer to the West.

    Stalin decided to be a traitor and make only Germany a criminal attacker. He did this by not attacking 1. September 1939 as planned, but 17. September 1939. This way Stalin made Germany the starter of WW2. Soviet Union and the Western powers had already agreed in summer 1939, that Germany's attack will cause their declaration of war, not Soviet Union's attack.

    1. September 1939 at 4.45 a.m.: Germany attacks Poland at the exact minute agreed with Soviet Union.

    To everyone's astonishment Germany beats Poland in two weeks. Poland asks the Western powers for help. Churchill's and Stalin's secret war plan from 15. October 1939 has finally kicked off. They have agreed to beat Germany by striking from four different directions in summer 1940. Stalin's betrayal is revealed to Hitler 9. February 1940.

    Hitler was provoked and lured into attacking Poland, it was the "trap" launching the secret counter-actions of United States, the Western powers and Soviet Union. Hitler didn't even aim to destroy Poland's existence as a state, only find a negotiating solution to the border question.

    But Stalin had other plans.

    It took the Germans two days to realize, that Soviet Union didn't attack simultaneously. The trap was launched! Hitler gets a rage attack. France and Britain have been waiting for this moment.

    3. September 1939: France and Britain declare war on Germany.

  17. Roosevelt makes immediate law amendments, so that United States can provide aid to Soviet Union, Britain and France. USA wages an "undeclared" war on Germany right from the beginning.

    15. October 1939: The military alliance pact against Germany is signed in Moscow.

    In August 1939 Hitler acknowledged Poland as an independent state in his 16-point proposal to Poland, as well as Poland's connection to the Baltic Sea. Stalin however did not acknowledge an independent Poland. Hence Hitler founded a temporary a General Goverment in Poland.

    6. October 1939: Hitler presents a peace offering to France and Britain. They reject it. Hitler's peace offerings were like poison to Stalin - if the Westen powers approves them.

    15. October 1939: Stalin hurries to cement the final war plan to destroy Hitler together with Britain and France.

    A peace in Europe would destroy his big dream of a world-wide "Proletarian Dictatorship".

    "Only a major, prolonged war can make Soviet Union the leading power in the in the world." (Stalin's speech 19. August 1939).

    Stalin is ready to sign the political war contract with the Western powers. It required a very strong disinformation campaign to keep the contract a secret.

    When Germany attacked Poland, Chamberlain's government is dissolved in London. He is demanded to resign and Churchill takes his place. Churchill had for years scolded Chamberlain's foreign policy. Now his eternal hatred for Hitler and Germans finally paid off, so that he could execute his own personal politics.

    Roosevelt goes against the Congress, dismissing it's power of influence, breaks laws, makes contracts and gives promises without authorization etc. Roosevelt secretly builds the platform, so that United States can participate in the war.

    Since 1934 Churchill had a clear vision of Britain's main mission, he even blurted it out to the former German chancellor Heinrich Brüning in London:

    "If Germany becomes too stroong, then we have to smash it to pieces again - and this time for good!"

    During 1937-1939 he mentions in several different contexts, that achieving this goal, is possible only by creating a huge front of allies, just like in WW1, to surround and beat Germany. OFFICIALLY!

    In spring 1939: Churchill gets the final assurance from Roosevelt, that United States will join the fight against Germany; provided that the "blanco-guarantee" given to Poland by France and Britain, leads to a war.

    Churchill and Stalin made the WW2:s most secret war pact in Moscow on 15. October 1939. This important document has still not surfaced, except in Mannerheim's S-32 file.

    Vilho Tahvanainen, Mannerheim's secret agent, who knew everything in the S-32 file, he wrote a three-page letter to the President in the 80's. He was furious, that the government did nothing for the Baltic countries, referring to the secret pact on 15. October 1939, where the Western powers had promised to immediately give back the independence to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia after the war was over.... but did not do. No wonder the West wants to bury the document.

    Hitler didn't aim for WW2, the other nations did.

    Sorry again for the ranting xx

  18. I got the first book, in Swedish, 2005.
    It was translated to Swedish, and sold by the “Svenskt Militärhistoriskt Bibliotek”, which is an organization with direct couplings to the armed forces, and the political elite, but tries to seem non political.
    Since the information in the book is extremely controversial, it was odd that they released it at all.
    But they have made their best to disregard the book as fiction.

    Since then I have wondered why the second book took so long to get out?
    I mean, it is over 12 years since the first book.
    And also getting more and more frustrated that Hautamäki should die before he could get it printed!
    I mean, he is old!

    But now it seems that the book is coming.
    Do you know more precisely when?

    I hope it will be translated to English, because I can not a word of Finnish.
    I have tried to get in contact with Hautamäki, just to let him know that I consider him to be a real hero to do this work! The truth will always prevail, and this is thanks to him!
    If you have contact with him, please let him know that.

    Also, I suspect that you are familiar with Victor Suvorov, and his information regarding that Hitler was forced to do his per-emptive strike against Stalin?

    Do you know more information/writers about this topic, that the globalist tries to silence?

    Best regards!

    Sverker in Sweden

  19. Hej Sverker, hälsningar från Finland xx

    Suvorov was partially right. Soviet Union was already attacking, when Hitler attacked. UK and US declared war on Finland, disregarding all evidence and reports of SU bombing Finland on a regular basis - right after the Winter War.

    Finland was warned by Roosevelt, that if we try to hinder US-ships with warmaterial to SU, it would create a huge war.

    Before reading Hautamäki's book, I was confused when reading Mannerheim's telegrams to Churchill right before the German attack, where Marski (Mannerheim) told him, that Finland and Germany destroyed the Western Alliance's plans - and Churchill didn't even deny it?! That's when I got interested in finding out what these plans exatly were.

    And even more confused, when reading Marski's telegram to Hitler .... and finally understanding why the Finns pretended to shoot German troops when they withdrew from Lapland to Norway. Veterans have told, that they shot in the air and Germans pretended to be under fire.

    Marski's telegram to Hitler:


    An American overview of how Finland was treated in the WW2 by the Western powers - Is Finland worth saving:


    My grandfather recorded Marski's and Hitler's private conversation:



  20. US was spying on Finland's Embassy during WW2, the report proves, that they have no idea where the S-32 file is, they even think that we sold secret documents to other intelligence services - hahaha, we are NOT like them!!!

    "In September 1944, on the day when the Soviet armistice was signed, the head of the Finnish
    radio intelligence fled to Sweden with many of his staff and the intelligence archives in a operation called “Stella Polaris”. Archives were microfilmed in Sweden and eventually disappeared. It has been told, that the files were sold to several intelligence services, because the Finns had broken the Russian code with the aid from the Japanese.
    Some of this Stella Polaris -material has been later found in NSA’s Historical Cryptographic Collection."


    They got everything wrong. The material was not sold to anyone, nor did the Japanese have anything to do with breaking the Russian code, our team of mathematical geniouses cracked the code together with Estonians and could easily listen to all radio communication in Soviet Union before the Winter War.

    Russians found out about it in 1945, after which the radio intelligence went underground.

    But it's true that they fled to Sweden after the armistice in 1944, where Marski ordered it to be microfilmed. He also decided which documents would be left in the S-32 file, when he was ordered to hand it over to the puppet government in Finland.

    The secret agent Vilho Tahvanainen has told, that several countries offered him money for documents, or even for hints where they were kept hidden. These Finnish secret agents were patriotic dudes, so they threw the money on the floor.

    Mannerheim was desperate, when he had to stay silent about the real events. VT was not allowed to testify on behalf of the 'war criminals' in the trials. The president ordered him to stay silent about the S-32 file for as long as he was alive. They were told, that if they reveal the truth, then it's the end for Finland.

    Marski told VT to publish the truth when it was safe. Marski thought, that the world needs to know the truth.

    The S-32 file was hidden in Sweden. VT tried to write two books, a propaganda campaign was launched against him and he died in 1992 as a persona non grata, despised by the media and the government, who immediately deemed him a lier and an insane person. VT was a true patriot to the end, suffering a lot, losing friends, losing medals from the Army and losing his pension. This is how carefully the truth is prevented from coming out.


  21. I think, that Hautamäki did a test with his first book, without documents, just to see what happens.

    The media has deemed him a lier and his book is not even mentioned in the media.

    But.... in 2001 the mainstream media reported, that the S-32 file was brought to Finland from Sweden. The Swede, who handed over the bag, assured that it contains all the secret documents. It was handed over to one person, after which it disappeared again.

    Marski took all secret documents with him either to Sweden or Switzerland. As a matter of fact, it was revealed, that the S-32 file, that was handed over to the president, contained photocopies. Marski kept the original documents "for future generations".

    After WW2, war veterans were forbidden to talk about the wars. People from that era remember very well, how they had to whisper when talking about Soviet Union. In Finland.

    Why was Marski never arrested? Probably because of the sensitive material he possessed and which he had wisely hidden and distributed all over the world?

    Anyway, the S-32 file has been given only to those, who are absolutely trustworthy. Hautamäki has the heavy burden of publishing all the documents.

    It has probably taken this long, because they are in Russian, English, Swedish, German etc., and need to be translated to Finnish.

    Seriously, imagine finally reading all the personal telegrams from Stalin, not to mention the communication between the Western powers and Soviet Union?

    I am sure, that Hautamäki has covered his back and made many copies of the documents to his foreign friends. That way the information will never be lost.

    One negative consequence of the falsifying of WW2, has been how Finns relate to Swedes and Sweden. "Sweden betrayed us. Swedes laughed when Finns were slaughered on the battlefield". "Sweden of all countries committed the deepest betrayal" etc. I don't know how the Winter War and the WW2 has been portrayed to Swedes, but I guess it's filled with propaganda too.

    Our history books were written by Moscow after WW2. We know and we remember what happened, but it is still considered forbidden to talk about it... so that Russia doesn't find yet another reason to attack Finland.

    But read the diplomatic communication regarding post-WinterWar in US:

    But here you can read how United States officially demanded us to capitulate to Soviet Union:


  22. Hello again, Lycan?
    Shall I call you Lycan?

    Most interesting, and thank you for important documents!

    The conversation between Hitler and Mannerheim, is known.
    When it was first mentioned in PK-media (Politically Correct) in Sweden, it was presented without translation (and with bad sound quality), but instead with the globalist-style of how this was to be understood, namely that this was only interesting because this was the only recording when Hitler talked in a normal way, and not screaming.
    No comments about the extremely important and controversial things they talked about!

    New for me was your information that Stalin(SU) actually did start first, and not Hitler.
    In my view Hitler did the moral and right thing anyway, even if he made the first attack. He had to, it was no other way to act.
    Can you give me what you got on this topic?

    On the same subject, “who started the war”, I my self believed for a long time, the story that the Germans did the very first attack on Poland with the so called “Gleiwitz insident” at the radio station.
    Not a moral thing to do, to pretend to be poles, and attack yourself, as an excuse to start the war.
    All of it was a fat lie! I actually got the German White-bok, about it, written by the government at the time. Not that this a real proof, but then you at last have the other sides version of the event. There are other things that prove the official story is bogus!

    And then, when one examine all of the other bad things that the Germans was told to have done, none is true!
    But, as I said, if you have some good information regarding that Stalin actually did the first move, please give it to me.

    Regarding your wondering how Swedes feel about the winter war, and all things related to Finland, I will write that in a separate part.
    There is plenty, and is involves also Norway, so it is complex.

    Best regards!


  23. Hi Sverker, you can call me Nicole xx

    You are right about the German pre-emptive attack. Soviet attacked us long before Germany's attack. The border was packed with war material and troops, in the ceded areas, so there was no doubt about Soviet preparing for a massive attack to Germany via Finland.

    Finns and Germans chasing away the Soviet troops from the previously Finnish areas, that were ceded to Soviet in Moscow Peace Treaty 1940, not only pre-empted the major attack, but caused rage in Britain and US.

    The diplomatic exchange between US and Finland was blunt and hostile (from US). If someone still believed, that US is a democracy, it became clear that it wasn't.

    No sympathy, although the Finnish minister presented maps and evidence, that Finland was under an attack. "Withdraw immediately behind the 'official' border and immobilize the Finnish army at once. After that we may consider friendly relations with Finland. Do what Stalin says. Period."

    US knew perfectly well, that the only option was to be occupied by communist SU. So much for democracy, eh...

    After that, there are not many Finns who consider the West democratic, their democracy is a facade for dictatorship. Now even Westeners see behind the facade, yet they continue preaching about 'democracy' -- as if they ever had it in the first place.

    The public opinion in United States changed from pro-Finland (Winter War) to anti-Finland in a flash.

    It was not a new thing for the Finns. We were hated there during the huge immigration, when America was being founded. Finns protested against the big corporations, demanding a decent salary and decent working hours for all Americans. Finns were hunted down, murdered and hated, because the big corporations wanted to exploit Americans.

    There was all over signs: "Finns and Indians forbidden". So the anti-Finnish sentiment kicked off immediately.

    NOW they are of a different opinion, when it doesn't matter anymore.

    During WW2, Herbert Hoover was the only one protesting, asking Americans if they have lost all humanity and decency (during the anti-Finnish campaign).

    The karma of United States and Americans will come as a surpise to them. Unless a miracle happens and both British and American classified archives are declassified and they realize, that Germany and Finland were innocent, and that they are among the guilty ones.

    Have you noticed, that Russia is alone in boasting how it defeated the Germans? The Western powers are silent.

    Russia has now distributed a 'historical' documentary about the Winter War. "Blatant and horrendous lies", one Russian historian wrote on facebook.

    Just like that the attitude against Russians turned volatile in Finland. Before that we were neutral, but not anymore. Russia has destroyed most of it's classified archives from WW2 by Putin's orders.



  24. Finns knew that they were wrongly accused in WW2, but in order to survive as a nation, we had to keep our hate and anger inside. Wonder how Germans feel?

    Because the West and Russia has refused to admit the real history, it will repeat itself. Trump's and Putin's sudden 'summit' raises doubts, that a new conspiracy has been made years ago. Russia, true to it's colors, is once again pretending to be friend and foe to other nations. Syria opened up my eyes. What the Syrians are telling is highly disturbing. Russian soldiers aren't trusted. When Israel attacked, Russian soldiers shut down the anti-missile systems in Syria. All of a sudden Putin is engaged in carving up Syria with Turkey and US. Not to talk about the massive flood of ISIS-terrorists from Russia to Syria. FSB pays their trips and recruits terrorists to Syria - while pretending to 'help' Syria.

    As for Poland, a Polish guy told me recently, that all boards are filled with "Pseudo-Poles", even today, and that their hatred for Jews stems from them causing the occupation in WW2.

    VT told, that the international Jew-community ordered German Jews to transfer all their money abroad, to a bank in Spain or to Switzerland. After the their money was out of Germany, they started the Spanish War, looted the bank and transferred the money to Soviet Union. German Jews never got back their money, it was stolen by Soviet bolsheviks. The international Jew-community was enraged, because Hitler demoted the German Jews to other Germans level. They were forbidden from running the media, universities, banks and politics. Hence their conspiracy to paint Hitler and Germany as a monster.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Jews killed other Jews to stage the 'aggression'.

    Sverker, please tell more about how Swedes and Norwegians felt about the Winter War, how the public opinion was molded in your country?

    We always thought that you participated in Stalin's and Hitler's conspiracy.

    After the ceasefire, Soviet jets dropped bombs on Swedish and Norwegian volunteers and I still don't understand it? What was Stalin so angry about, that he ordered the attack after the ceasefire?

    Marski got secret messages from Shaposhikov, his old buddy, codename "Irina". Below is a picture of Stalin, Shaposhnikov and Joachim Ribbentrop, so Marski really had friends in high places:


  25. Good morning, Great stuff on Hautamäki's book; I have been trying to find a copy in Swedish to buy, but none seems to be available. Is there an English or German translation?